Make the most of your time away with some of my favourite travel apps, for iPhones, iPads and Android phones. I’ll try and update this as and when I find useful new apps.





Before there was Facebook, people boasted about their holiday adventures on the back of postcards. There’s nothing nicer than receiving a postcard, but how many times do you go abroad, buy postcards and then never find a post office? Even if you do manage to send a couple (well done!), who knows when they’ll arrive. This postcard app is a fabulous solution. Take your own photo, the app will turn it into a postcard and ecards will print it and post it on the same day. The app will save any addresses into an address book, and charges 99p (GBP) for the UK and 1.49 (GBP) for elsewhere. Free for iPhone and Android.






Sometimes the most stressful part of any holiday is remembering where you’ve put various booking references, and keeping track of all the times, dates and important info. Tripit takes care of it all. Download as an app or on your laptop and forward them all your reservations, directions, booking references and so on and it will round it all up in one handy list. It can add in maps, last minute restaurant visits, weather reports and share it with anyone you need to keep informed. Sync it with your own calendar, Facebook or Linked In for total social inclusion. Free for iPhone, Blackberry and Android.


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